A Day at the Nursery

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There is a consistent daily routine which gives the children the security to explore and experience their world in a flexible framework. They are able to make their own choices, select their own materials and activities, which motivates them to learn and sustain their interests.

Yellow Brick Nursery, Daily Routine

Breakfast Time

Children are encouraged to help themselves to a variety of cereals, toast and spreads. Parents and carers are welcome to join them. Toys and activities are available for children either before or after they have eaten.


Greeting Time

This provides a smooth transition from home to nursery and a chance to share news and communicate messages about the day.


Small Group Time

Small Group Time for young children includes mark making, art and craft, developmental movement play, mathematical activities, cooking, gardening, role-play, music and dance, sensory play, technology, and learning about the community and the wider world.

Small group time provides an opportunity for children:

  • To make choices and solve problems;
  • To explore and experiment with new materials, experiences and ideas;
  • To encourage children to share their thoughts and ideas.

It provides an opportunity for adults:

  • To build on children’s strengths and interests;
  • To observe and interact daily with the same children;
  • To support children’s thinking, problem solving and learning.

Choosing Time

During Choosing Time children can choose to work with any materials in any area of the indoor and outdoor learning environment. It is common for young children to engage in many different activities during this time.

It provides opportunities for children:

  • To select their own materials and work on what they have planned to do;
  • To converse with adults or other children about what they are doing;
  • To solve problems as they arise, independently or with the assistance of another child or adult.

It provides opportunities for adults:

  • To observe and interact with children and seek opportunities to join in with their play;
  • To encourage children’s thinking, to extend their play and help them with problem solving situations;
  • To guide, rather than instruct, children to develop their skills and creative thinking to become independent learners.

Tidy Up Time

During Tidy Up Time, children and adults work together to return materials and equipment to their storage spaces. This restores order to the nursery and is also a learning experience for children. Children learn where items belong and encourages them to respect their environment.

Snack Time

Snack is available during choosing times both in the morning and afternoon sessions. Children are involved in preparing the food which includes fruit/vegetables and a bread type product e.g. toast, breadstick or naan bread. Children are encouraged to pour their own drink of milk/water. An adult sits with the children to support them. It provides many opportunities for learning including healthy eating, mathematical learning, physical development, communication and social interaction.

Yellow Brick Nursery, Snack Time

Literacy Time

The aim of Literacy Time is to lay the foundations for children to become confident readers and writers. It includes music, rhythm and rhyme, poetry, stories, storytelling, non-fiction and phonics activities.


Large Group Time

At Large Group Time adults and children in the group get together to play games, tell and re-enact stories, sing songs, dance, play instruments. This time is an opportunity for each child to participate in a large group, sharing ideas and learning from the ideas of others.

Yellow Brick Nursery, Large Group Time

Lunch Time

We encourage Lunch Time to be a relaxed social occasion for children to enjoy the freshly cooked food on offer. Children are supported to serve themselves, use cutlery and assist in setting up and clearing away to promote independence.


Tea Time

Tea is served at the end of the afternoon session. It is a time where children can relax and reflect on their day. On some days children will help cook their tea e.g. making biscuits, sandwiches, soup and fruit salad. Toys, books, games and resources are available for children to choose after they have eaten.



 “For us as parents it has been priceless knowing that every day he comes to you he is going to be so well looked after, not just by his Key Person but by everyone of you. You all create an exceptional environment and should be very proud of what you do.”

“Both children love Yellow Brick and we are very happy with the loving, nurturing, interesting environment the staff have created. Each child is valued and their needs met on an individual basis.”

 “The staff make it exceptional. They truly connect with your child.”